2016/11/02 Wed – 2016/11/13 Sun

Levi Pata 個展 「 LION 」 2016.11.2(水)~11.13(日)







Levi Pata


I saw a lion floating amongst darkness like an unborn child. It was a strange animal to see with all that power in a space with nowhere to use it. I saw the lion many times this way—motionless with nothing around him.

Americans build a giant fire and sit very far away. Indians build a small fire and sit close to it. I hold this saying in my mind as I look at our land.

My People used to burn our land cyclically, on purpose. Synchronized with lunar cycles and affected moisture levels in plants, these intentional burns provided endless benefits for all living things in the area, keeping a balance of growth and reduction. Native methods of burning were eventually outlawed however, and our land is now overgrown with foreign grass and bushes which provide perfect kindling for uncontrollable damaging wildfires each summer. The balance has been gone for a long time here.

Although this necessary natural process is legally banned in our land, I can not be stopped from continuing our tradition of fire in my mind. I have the ability to use the same process of intentionally destroying that which inhibits spiritual balance. The physical nature of fire has a spiritual counterpart which mirrors its effects. I feel that I have so much inside to burn, to clear away before balance can exist.

I imagine that lion being born onto earth. He runs fast across the dry grass and kills and eats—face red with blood and his mane blowing in the wind like flames. His power is flowing and his role is fulfilled.

Fire is a gift.
Everything is burnable.

Levi Pata



Levi Pata 個展 「 LION 」
会期 2016年11月2日(水)~11月13日(日) 会期中無休・入場無料
開場時間 12:00~19:00 (最終日13日のみ17:00まで)
会場 AL 1F main space
    3-7-17ebisuminami Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN



・ オープニングレセプション 11/2 (水) 18:00~20:00
・ ライブペインティング 11/5 (土) 14:00~15:00 ¥1,000 予約不要

・ 似顔絵墨スケッチ
 11月6日 (日) 14:00~18:00
 11月12日 (土) 14:00~18:00
 11月13日 (日)13:00~16:00
 ¥2,500 予約不要(来場順に受付) 所要時間:約20分



Levi Pata |リーバイ・パタ

Levi Pata –Artist
Born in Hollister, California, United States in 1985. Graduated from City College of San Francisco.
Moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2009. Returned to San Francisco in summer, 2011. Moved to Kyoto in March, 2016.