2015/04/16 Thu

Levi Pata|faces, from a small room

5/7(木)より、リーバイ・パタ個展『 faces, from a small room』をALにて開催いたします。

約1年ぶりの来日となる今回。本展は初の作品集 『小さい部屋から from a small room』(HeHe刊)の発売を記念しての展示第1弾となり、 5/22(金)~6/6(土)は第2弾となる展示『voices, from a small room』を六本木chic space by YKGにて開催致します。 ALでは前回同様、会場の一角をアトリエにして作品制作を、また5/17(日)にはライブペインティングを行う予定です。



リーバイ・パタ個展『faces, from a small room』
2015年5月7日(木)—5月20日(水) 会期中無休

会場:AL 1F main space  東京都渋谷区恵比寿南3-7-17-1F

ライブ・ペインティング:5月17日(日)14:00—15:00  Admission Fee: ¥500 予約不要



今回の展示は、暗闇からひとつ、またひとつと現れる作品でまとめた“faces, from a small room”と、どこか幼少期の温かい空気感を帯びた抽象作品からなる“voices, from a small room”の2部構成となる。


from a small room
Since my last exhibition in Tokyo, the past year was full of complete separation from previous plans and people I loved. This sudden changing of circumstances also took me out of my studio and physically brought me back to the beginning-- painting and drawing while looking downward in a small room at home, with less light and fewer colors. Without being able to stand back from the pictures, my face and body became very closely acquainted once again with each of these works as they were being made.
I am one who finds great comfort in the presence of the moon. On some nights, however, the sky is without stars and moon both, so we must create our own light in order to see. I believe these works to have come out of that necessity … collected in the same manner a cat finds a warm circle of sunlight on a shady side street in which to sleep.
In considering any sort of living form now, I not only look at it in a distant Western sense, but from my growing Native perspective, I now must also begin to address its unique concentration of energy as a physical expression of its spiritual being.
In my Tribe's language, the moon is "conał," or, "the albino." The butterfly is "bōlboloq," or, "does something softly." In Japanese, the words for each part of the human face all derived from parts of a plant and its fruit. Rather than becoming mere labels, these old words still radiate the truth of their corresponding forms.
Beginning with "faces, from a small room," those who began to come one-by-one out of the darkness will compose the majority, followed by their warmer, more abstracted counterparts in "voices, from a small room."
All of the forms here have come from a small room because I have as well.
They can speak in any language, or can wait silently if only company is needed.


Levi Pata|リーバイ・パタ
1985年、ホリスター(カリフォルニア、アメリカ)生まれ。2004年、カリフォルニア・パラダイスからサンフランシスコへ移住。2008年、City College of San Francisco卒業。2009年春から2011年夏まで、東京を拠点に活動。現在、サンフランシスコに戻り、制作活動をおこなっている。個展に、2011年「鳴り響く銃声とギリシャの音楽」(FOIL GALLERY、東京)、2012年「IT HURTS TO LET YOU GO」(Kokoro Studio、サンフランシスコ)、2014年「MOON SON」(AL、東京)など。




リーバイ・パタ作品集 『小さい部屋から from a small room』

ISBN978-4-908062-06-3 C0071